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I Do Believe I'm Up And Running...sorta




Well, I think I've finished switching up and cleaning up the menus and pages. I've finally managed to get a few, small few, reviews written and uploaded.

Now to bring in something to showcase which are the newest reviews.

Thank you all for your patience and trust


All new reviews will be linked to their directory listing; however, their pages will now be at these Genre Specific blog home:


 ChrisChat Reviews - Family

 ChrisChat Reviews - Fantasy

 ChrisChat Reviews - General Fiction

 ChrisChat Reviews - Keep the Lights On

 ChrisChat Reviews - Mystery

 ChrisChat Reviews - Non-Fiction

 ChrisChat Reviews - Romance

 ChrisChat Reviews - Science Fiction


My current To Be Read pile is roughly 100 books.  Life and new positions make for interesting time management. I'm working on this list and if you still wish to send a request, please do. I do not guarantee when, but once a request is accepted a review will be given.


I can be reached at: [email protected]


Thank you